A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Crescendo is a 2D combat action game, where you conduct a musical world around you through your actions. Travel through an eerie fairy tale world that is teeming with music and battle the monstrous personifications of an orchestra.

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  • Creative Director - Katie Moulton
  • Production Lead - Andrew Obeso
  • Associate Producer - Bac Le
  • Engineering Lead - Paiam Moghaddam
  • Engineer - Julian Kida
  • Engineer - Alaina Palmer
  • Engineer - David Dai
  • Audio Lead - Mattie Rosen
  • Audio Design - Bema Kwadwo Bonsu
  • Music By - Alexandra Kalinowski
  • Design Lead - Michael Perce
  • Designer - Carys Gooi
  • Art Lead - Jordan Williams
  • Art Director - Catherine Wu
  • Artist - Renzel Navarro
  • Artist - Aylish Turner
  • Artist - Fiona Truong
  • Animator - Krystal Melodie
  • Animator - Grace Wang
  • Marketing Lead - Aika Dan
  • Usability Lead - Geneva Huynh
  • Narrative - Marshall Lee
  • Legal Advice - Elizabeth Kirillova


CrescendoWindows.zip 534 MB
CrescendoMac.zip 534 MB

Install instructions

Download the correct version (Mac or PC), unzip, and run the executable in the folder (crescendo.exe).

If you encounter any issues, press "escape" to pause, quit to the main menu, and press "load game" to resume at the last checkpoint. 


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